data analytics and management

digital tools that convert information flows into useful data

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«Data could become a valuable growth driver if you manage it right. We develop tools to structure and analyse data flows, which will increase the efficiency of managerial decisions, allow to react fast to the market and changeable user behavior. Specifically for your business.»

big data solutions

  • predictions

  • complex management systems modeling

  • cost saving

  • spotting innovational directions

  • marketing customization

  • loyalty programs

  • churn management

  • product development

  • anti-fraud activities

  • automated scoring

technologies and tools
we use:

  • data sets management
  • deep analysis
  • in-memory processing
  • predictive analysis
  • modeling
  • data in motion
  • fast data
  • highload data repositories


  • infrastructure preparation

    unstructured data processing
  • security

    все работы производятся на Ваших серверах через защищенное VPN соединение. Данные полностью защищены
  • digital core

    единая платформа обработки и хранения данных - основа быстрого внедрения новых ИТ-продуктов